Relationship Help: Co-Existing, Co-Operating or Collaborating?

Co-existing? Co-operating? Collaborating? Which is it generally in your relationship? It’s important to contemplate these distinctions because they make all the difference in the viability and the vitality of your relationship. You can look the words up in a dictionary and you’ll find there is little distinction, but in terms of relationship help, there are […]

How to Finally Believe A Hijackal Doesn’t Love You

16 Clear Ways They Show They Don’t! You want to believe that a Hijackal–a toxic, difficult, perhaps narcissistic person–loves you. You SO want to believe it. They don’t have much love to give and here are 16 ways to recognize that they aren’t giving it to you. An eye-opener! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: The transactional […]

How Hijackals Hook You Into Toxic Relationships

How to Unhook, Step Back, and See More Clearly What’s Really Going On Hijackals create toxic relationships, and it’s important to see the patterns, traits, cycles, and behaviors clearly. That’s not easy, but it is necessary. If you’ve been with a Hijackal or other toxic person for long, you may feel as though you suffer […]

Can Narcissists Change? Like, Actually Make Lasting Changes to Stop the Abuse?

Can Narcissists Change? Listen to this podcast episode to find out

Psychiatrist, Dr. Laura Dabney, answers that HUGE question that keeps you hooked on hope: Can Narcissists Change? You want to know if there’s hope the emotional abuse will stop. Listen in! You hope, hope, hope. Can narcissists change? Can YOUR narcissist change? WILL your narcissistic person change? You buy into their promises to change. And, […]

How To Change Unhealthy Relationship Patterns You Know You Have & Still Don’t Fix

you can choose to change your unhealthy relationship patterns

You know you have some unhealthy relationship patterns that you want to fix in yourself, like trust, communication, or assertiveness issues. Yet you can’t seem to make the changes. It’s really frustrating! You WANT to be different. Maybe you just don’t know HOW.  There are 6 things you can look at to change your own […]

How the Strong Pull of Trauma-Bonding Creates Addiction to a Toxic Relationship

couple after incident, what trauma-bonding looks like

You may call it “love” but, in a toxic relationship, it may sadly be that you succumbed to the addictive nature of trauma-bonding. You need to know for sure so that you can make wise decisions for your–and your children’s–health and well-being. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: The definition of trauma-bonding Understanding the addictive nature of […]

Relationship Help: 1 Huge Thing That Will Improve Your Relationship Immediately

parenting your partner will not improve your relationship

I’m often asked what are the biggest relationship issues couples encounter? Folks especially want to know which ones can be fixed, which ones take a lot of work to fix, and which ones are simply impossible to fix. So, today, a really simple change you can make that will HUGELY improve your relationship right away… […]

Have You Been Verbally Abused?

been verbally abused? it often starts in childhood and you become an adult without noticing it.

Verbal abuse is far more common than anyone would like to think. Have you been verbally abused? If we come from a history of harsh parents, or strict teachers… where we were in position of subordination, it’s entirely possible we don’t even recognize what verbal abuse sounds like. Have you been spoken to strongly? Or… […]

40 Underhanded, Undermining Signs of a Toxic Relationship

person in "toxic" jacket - signs of a toxic relationship

Occasional toxic moments? Or sustained patterns of toxicity? How many of these 40 signs of a toxic relationship are showing up in your life? Every now and again, everyone has an off minute, and says or does something unkind, thoughtless, or just plain hurtful. Toxic people have many traits that happen too consistently…and, too often. […]

Memes about Narcissism

Below you’ll find our collection of memes about narcissism, Hijackals, passive-aggression and other forms of verbal and emotional abuse that are common in toxic relationships.  Feel free to save and share!