Why Emotional Abusers Prefer People-Pleasers Who Fawn

Maybe, you’re too nice. You fawn. You’ll do anything to keep the peace…or, at least, sidestep potential rage if you can. Peace at any price, you may say. Maybe, you find yourself fawning. (Hear more about that in the episode, too!) Emotional abusers appreciate fawning. It’s easier for them and they don’t care about you. ESSENTIAL to see these dynamics clearly if they are playing out in any relationship in your life. When you do, you can take steps to change the patterns.

There’s nothing wrong with being nice, but TOO NICE can set you up for emotional abuse. Listen to the 10 Whys. Emotional abusers–Hijackals–are emotionally lazy, so they prefer people-pleasers who are already trained and groomed to defer to them and their views, wants, and demands.


  • What happens when you’re taught to be too nice
  • Why Hijackals® expect–and prefer–you to fawn over them
  • What fawning is in a relationship with a narcissistic person
  • 10 WHYS Emotional abusers prefer people-pleasers
  • Unconscious habits of respond to people who are emotionally abusive


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Covert Verbal Abuse: Is Someone Telling You How You Should Feel?

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