Hijackals must always win


You are on the path to becoming assertive and strategic. That is essential to leveling the playing field when your partner is a Hijackal. And, really, the game analogy is an accurate one. When one person in a relationship HAS TO WIN, it’s game on…forever.

You’re here, reading this. Great start! I can help you and I want to.

I want to for two reasons:

  1. You deserve to breathe, to live fully, and to express who you are in life and relationships. You have difficulty doing this when you are constantly overshadowed by a looming Hijackal.must always win
  2. Your children NEED to be protected from Hijackal behavior and from chronically difficult people. You have to see it, believe it, understand it, and learn how to strategically encounter it for the best possible outcomes.

If all this is sounding way TOO familiar, great. You’ve on the path to change, to standing up on your back legs and saying “NO MORE!”

Let’s talk right away. You don’t have time to waste because every day is disempowering and negatively affecting your children. Recognizing relentlessly difficult people is the start, and then you learn to be strategic.  We can get started quickly by scheduling an Introductory Session.

If you need more insights into Hijackal behavior before you are ready to stand up to it, read some of my books. I suggest you start with:

Still not sure you're in a toxic relationship with a Hijackal?

Read my free ebook, How To Spot a Hijackal… it will help you really identify (and stop ignoring) the signs… 

must always win

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