The Personal Weather Report

The Personal Weather Report is a key tool for effective, loving communication, which is a critical aspect of healthy love.

In my book, Kaizen for Couples: Smart Steps to Save, Sustain, and Strengthen Your Relationship, I talk about the second most important thing I can teach my clients: The Personal Weather Report.

Simple, not so easy to do, but it can positively change your relationships! If you’ve ever wondered “how to know how i’m feeling about my relationship”, the Personal Weather Report will help.

If you’re confused or struggling with how to be honest in a relationship, the Personal Weather Report will help!

Understanding how to identify where you’re at, what’s up for you, how you’re feeling, what’s troubling you or making you happy, what you need… these are important parts of having a grown up relationship.

The Personal Weather Report is a free tool you can use to identify your feelings and emotions – answers to all those things above, at any given moment… and then share it calmly, compassionately, and assertively (but not aggressively) with your partner, or whomever it may be that you’re having difficulty with.

When might you use the Personal Weather Report?

There are so many different opportunities to communicate clearly, without blame, shame or justification. Here are some podcast episodes, videos and blog posts that offer situations you might recognize, where approaching conversation with a PWR may move things forward more effectively.

Looking for support?

Work with me privately

Working one-on-one with me, you will gain clarity, insight and strength to really look at your relationship.

Sometimes that deep look will show you that you have changes to make yourself, or that you need to accept certain realities… or that it’s time to make some of the hard decisions you’ve been avoiding.

Join my online community

A safe place among peers, who have been or are in a relationship with a Hijackal–a toxic person–and know what you’re going through.

If the Hijackal is someone you HAVE to communicate and spend time with, or are not ready to release from your life–this is the right place to get support.

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