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Six Constantly Flying Red Flags That Should Tip You Off to Hijackals

You’re been in the relationship for a while. Maybe, it’s even your parent! Or, a new partner? Or, you’re waking up to the fact that you simply cannot please your partner because s/he WILL NOT be pleased, no matter what you do! Your partner may be a #Hijackal® Your partner may have narcissistic behaviors and self-centered motives. Your

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narcissist mother

12 Damaging Ways Your Narcissistic Mother Lied to You About Who You Are

Whether your mother had narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, or antisocial tendencies, she will have lied to you to make herself superior. Time to uncover the lies, and be free! You don’t have to wonder where your self-doubts came from if you were raised by a mother who had narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, or antisocial–Hijackal®–tendencies. She made sure

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Have You Experienced Abuse Without Acknowledging it? Times UP!

Too many children experience emotional abuse. It seeps into the fabric of their being, and colors all their relationships in adult life. Are you recognizing it? Today’s episode will help. Being abused is a BIG deal! Not recognizing it is also a BIG deal. Often, when it happens when you are young, it becomes buried

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10 Reasons You May Have For Not Walking Away From Your Abuser

You have good reasons for staying, I know. If any of these ten reasons I’m sharing today are the ones you’re telling yourself, I hope you see it differently after you listen. I’m here for you. Could any of these things be true? Your relationship is bad. And, you don’t want to admit it. You

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Is Your Hijackal® Partner Difficult, or Actually Dangerous?

Being with a Hijackal is a little like being part of that urban legend of cooking frogs: you don’t notice the dysfunction and abuse because the heat is slowly turned up. And, then? You’re cooked! You want to believe that a Hijackal can change. In fact, most people in relationship with these difficult, toxic people

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narcissistic abuse

How Personal Trauma Gave Rise to Strength, Courage, and Empowering Others GUEST: Tracy Malone

Gaslighting, Personal Trauma, Learning the Hard Way, and Lemons Out of Lemonade. GUEST: Tracy Malone, All around amazing woman, and founder of In today’s episode, I talk about “Gaslighting.” It’s a real thing. When someone else wants to tell you what you think, feel, intend, or have done, and they insist they are right, there’s

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6 Subtle Signs You’re Being Manipulated and How To Stop It

Hijackals–difficult, toxic people–catch you unawares. Don’t let them! SAVE YOUR SANITY: HELP FOR HANDLING HIJACKALS® with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor Don’t you just hate it when you feel manipulated? That’s what happens far too often when you have a Hijackal in your life. And, you hope for better, but nothing really seems to change.

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12 Signs You Are in a Love/Hate Relationship And Need Help

There is something wrong, something off, in your relationship. You can feel it, and you may not be quite able to put words to it, to describe it to yourself even. Yet, you know it’s not right! Good start! Go with your gut! Hijackals®, those relentlessly difficult, toxic, disturbing–and often dangerous–people, have “tells.” Those are the

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