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Intimate Terrorism. Is It Holding You Hostage?

Recognizing the horror of Intimate Terrorism and how it is different from Situational Couple Violence Abuse in any form is bad news: verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, spiritual abuse, sexual abuse. All bad! And, you need to know what intimate terrorism is because it has the most dire consequences. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: Recognizing abuse Recognizing Intimate Terrorism How Intimate Terrorism differs from

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coercive control title card

Coercive Control: Sneaky, Subtle & Sadistic Patterns of Domination

Understanding what is included in Coercive Control helps you understand if that’s what you’re experiencing. You need to know!!! Have you heard the term, coercive control? You may not have as it’s just slowly coming to awareness. And, it is SO important that it does! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: What is coercive control? Why it is a

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Do Narcissistic Hijackals Hurt You on Purpose?

So often, clients and members ask me if the relentless difficult, toxic people in their lives are that way on purpose. Followed closely by the question: does s/he want to hurt me? Have you wondered if your mean, blaming partner wants to hurt you? Did you have a #Hijackal parent who told you you were

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addiction in the family

What About Toxic Shame? Powerful Strategies to Help With Addiction in the Family GUEST: Jeff Jones

Recognizing and Healing Toxic Shame with special guest, Addiction and Family Recovery coach, Jeff Jones, brings invaluable insights and strategies to use when there is addiction within the family. Have you ever felt shame? Been shamed? If you haven’t, you’ve been extremely fortunate. Most people have. Shame is when someone does their best to make you feel

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generational trauma

What If You Were Affected by Inherited Family Trauma? GUEST: Johanna Lynn

How is Your Past Impacting Your Now? Have you thought it through in specific details? Were you set up for attracting a toxic relationship, one with a Hijackal®? You may have been. Family drama, trauma, and abuse affect your self-concept as well as your self-esteem. Johanna Lynn sheds fascinating light on this today. Special Conversation

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5 Telling Things People Say That Show Their Passive-Aggressive Sides

If these are happening too often, you’re dealing with crazy-making passive-aggression. Don’t miss them! When you experience passive-aggressive behavior from someone, it messes with your head. You question yourself. You second-guess yourself. It’s crazy-making. A passive-aggressive behavior pattern in someone leaves you feeling confused, second-guessing yourself, and questioning your sanity. “Did I? Didn’t I? I

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Don’t give your Narcissistic In-Laws the Power to Destroy Your Marriage

Do you have relentless difficult, toxic, interfering in-laws? Maybe, they’re #Hijackals. Tracy Malone and I had a deep conversation about their effects on a relationship, and what you can do about it. Thanks, Tracy, for this great interview! Can you relate to these seven horrors of #Hijackal In-Laws? They are: controlling, critical cruel competitive demanding

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relationship red flags

Six Constantly Flying Red Flags That Should Tip You Off to Hijackals

You’re been in the relationship for a while. Maybe, it’s even your parent! Or, a new partner? Or, you’re waking up to the fact that you simply cannot please your partner because s/he WILL NOT be pleased, no matter what you do! Your partner may be a #Hijackal® Your partner may have narcissistic behaviors and self-centered motives. Your

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narcissist mother

12 Damaging Ways Your Narcissistic Mother Lied to You About Who You Are

Whether your mother had narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, or antisocial tendencies, she will have lied to you to make herself superior. Time to uncover the lies, and be free! You don’t have to wonder where your self-doubts came from if you were raised by a mother who had narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, or antisocial–Hijackal®–tendencies. She made sure

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Have You Experienced Abuse Without Acknowledging it? Times UP!

Too many children experience emotional abuse. It seeps into the fabric of their being, and colors all their relationships in adult life. Are you recognizing it? Today’s episode will help. Being abused is a BIG deal! Not recognizing it is also a BIG deal. Often, when it happens when you are young, it becomes buried

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