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emotional abuse

Living With Emotional Abuse

Sometimes, it’s hard to see emotional abuse when it’s happening. Sometimes, you were young and thought it was normal. What about now? Are you living in it, or suffering from

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healthy relationships

What Healthy Love Is

Knowing what healthy love is allows you to examine your own relationship more accurately. Don’t settle for crumbs. Wait for the full meal. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: Where we get

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gaslighting is emotional abuse. "it is intended to make you forget who you are and accept another person's view of your reality"

How To Keep A Hijackal From Tearing You Down

Hijackals–passive-aggressive. narcissistic. anti-social folks–thrive on tearing you down. Sometimes, it’s a slow picking at you. Sometimes, it’s a constant beratement. Either way, you need to stop it from getting into

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I listen to your podcast and your YouTube videos. I like the guest speakers. Your voice soothes and strengthens me. My emotional mother.
Past client

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