Narcissists PURPOSEFULLY Misunderstand You

So infuriating! Endlessly frustrating! Trying to talk with a narcissistic person–or any Hijackal–can be crazy-making.

It usually is if you dare to even remotely want to discuss the dynamics of your relationship. You’ve likely been upset my their purposeful misunderstanding of what you say, what you do, and what you want. Why do they do it? What can you do about it? Listen in.

Hijackals–those relentlessly difficult people who hijack relationships for their own needs–have to “on top” and “winning” all the time. That means that they are always on both the offensive and the defensive. One way they do that is to purposefully misunderstand what you say, do, need, and want. Their need to be right and have it there way means that you must be wrong. So, they purposefully misunderstand you in order for them to “win.” Or, think they did.

Figure this out and see it clearly now. It will save you headaches and heartaches.


  • Misunderstanding you is convenient for them
  • Misunderstanding you is a redirect of a conversation they don’t want to have
  • 6 Ways narcissists purposefully misunderstand you
  • 5 reasons why they purposefully misunderstand you
  • What you can do when you see the pattern

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