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  • 3Rs Virtual Relationship Group Coaching Package

  • How To Spot a Hijackal®

  • eCourse – Seeing the Cycles – Recognizing Hijackal® Traits, Patterns & Cycles.

  • Listening in a relationship is important

    FREE WEBINAR: Claiming The Power of Assertiveness Without Fear or Guilt

  • Drama in my relationship

    Free Half-Hour Relationship Help Consultation, via Zoom

  • NEW!! Escaping the Hijackal Trap: Volume 1 – The Truth About Hijackals and Why They Are Crazy-making

  • Recover from Hijackals. Rediscover yourself.

    RECLAIMING HOPE: Renewing Your Rights in Life – Intro Webinar

  • drama in my relationship

    High-Conflict Clinic: Learn New Skills To Manage A Difficult Person

  • roots of relationship, reclaiming hope, restoring relationship, deepening emotional intimacy

    RECLAIMING HOPE: The Roots of Relationship

  • The Hijackal Trap – The Hidden Anger of Passive-Aggression