STOP Getting Your Exercise by WALKING ON EGGSHELLS!

Are you exhausted by running after pleasing someone who seems dedicated to never being pleased?

That’s WALKING ON EGGSHELLS. That’s the game.

You do everything as right as you think they want it, and you are never rewarded by getting it right. Sound Familiar?

Hijackals® want you to always feel not good enough, less than in as many ways as possible. Narcissists want to feel more powerful, more in control, and more important than you every minute. So, it leads to you walking on eggshells…and, that’s not good.


  • Why walking on eggshells is SO exhausting
  • You try to make things better, and they don’t
  • 7 signs you’re walking on eggshells
  • Why narcissists want you to feel not good enough
  • Why getting your exercise by walking on eggshells needs to be unacceptable

Narcissists and other Hijackals are looking for power, and one way they think works for this (because it usually does) is by withholding approval. That makes you run faster, they hope. Join me and find out how to stop getting your exercise on the Hijackal treadmill!


How to Stop Walking on Eggshells
Getting off a High Conflict Relationship Roller Coaster

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