Transforming Relationship with Emotional Savvy

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Please enjoy these 100+ episodes of my podcast “Transforming Relationship with Emotional Savvy”. 

I have now stopped producing this podcast, and am putting all my energy into “Save Your Sanity: Help for Toxic Relationships”. You can listen & subscribe to that here.

Emotional Savvy is your go-to source for life-changing shifts in how you think about–and create relationship with–yourself and other humans,

Discover new options for building the strength, assertiveness, resilience, boundaries, and balance needed to create healthier relationships, ones based on equality, reciprocity, and mutuality.

Listening to these in-depth discussions with expert guests on a broad range of relationship topics can open your eyes, heart, and mind to new possibilities for creating the healthy, emotionally intimate relationship you want at home, and the clear, assertive one you need at work.

Each episode starts with my insights on the topic of the day, followed by amazing conversations with my expert guests, hand-picked to help you clearly see what’s possible in your relationship with yourself and all those others folks, too, at home and at work.  

Now Syndicated! Tuesdays, 9am Pacific

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