Stuck on a Partner’s POTENTIAL Instead of Their REALITY?

You can get terrible stuck–for a very long time–by buying into a partner’s potential. You can see how it could be, so you hope it will be. There’s the mistake. See the differences today so you can make healthier decisions right away.

Open your mind to the idea that you keep buying into promises that never materialize. Is that possible? When you step back and look at the patterns, it’s often the case when dealing with Hijackals┬«, or other narcissistic people. They’ll tell you anything to get you hooked in this moment, promise you so much. Does it ever happen? Honestly, no, right?


  • Why potential is not enough
  • Buying potential can bankrupt you
  • Being in denial about a partner or parent’s manipulations
  • Ways to tell if you are stuck on a partner’s potential rather than seeing their reality
  • Getting clear that things are not going to change in a positive way with a narcissistic person

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