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Family Relationships: Whose story is true?

I just returned from a visit to family and friends in Canada. In twelve days, I spent time with many people in five cities. And stories abounded! Life stories, troubling incidents, and shared memories. The one unifying factor in all the stories was that everyone who experienced the story remembered it differently.  Some of those…

Relationship Help: Rage. You don’t have to live with it.

Rage! That’s different from simple anger. It is another class of upheaval.  Rage is defined as “violent and uncontrolled anger.”  A whole other class.  And, no one needs to live with it, neither the Rager nor the recipient. The operant difference between anger and rage is the violence and the lack of control.  We all…

Relationship Problems: Avoid Auto-Pilot & Cruise Control!

Relationship problems are often the natural result of thinking that our relationships come equipped with auto-pilot and cruise control. BIG MISTAKE!   Relationship problems arise when we think our relationships can fall into the “Set & Forget” category of life. What are you thinking? People–and, more frequently,  men people–think that once the partner, spouse or soulmate…

Relationship Problems: Blame it on menopause?

What ever has happened to our interactions when business acquaintances hug and teachers aren’t allowed to, elementary school students have sex and married folks don’t! No wonder there are relationship problems. There are just as many troubled business folks as troubled teachers…and, I would guess there might be a few more in the former group.…

Relationship Problems: Can You Fall Out of Love?

Is love some kind of dangerous extreme sport? “He fell for her, hook, line and sinker.” “We took the plunge.”… and then, “We’ve fallen out of love.”
Clearly, one has to be intrepid to take up all this extreme activity in the first place. Nature, though, leads us into the heights and depths when we are first smitten. And, there we are: swinging, free of helmets, rip cords and safety harnesses. We have fallen in love…we think.


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