expectationsThere is no way that everyone we meet is going to be someone we like, or someone who likes us.  Nor is it going to be that everyone interests us, thinks like us or processes information the way we do. There's not a problem...unless you think life is a popularity contest!  I hope you're more discerning than that, now that you've  become a grownup.

Recently I was in at a women's conference.  It was wonderful. Motivating speakers, great vendors, intriguing food and lots of excellent entertainment.  On both evenings, the entertainment included ample time for dancing.  I love to dance but I didn't feel inclined to join in.  People had trouble with that.

"Why aren't you dancing?"

"Oh, get up! You're missing all the fun."

"What's wrong with you?"

The simple fact that I was enjoying the music and watching them dance was not enough for them. And, because they chose to dance, they felt it was a necessity for me to dance, or, somehow, it was an affront to them in some strange way.

I'm not here to live up to the expectations of other people. I'm here to find out who I am, discover my unique contribution to life and make it.  Two very different approaches to getting up in the morning.

So, I invite you to join me in giving up living up to other people's expectations to fulfill your purpose here now!

Are you in?

If so, I'd love to read your known purpose in the comments below.


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