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How To Change Unhealthy Relationship Patterns You Know You Have & Still Don’t Fix

You know you have some unhealthy relationship patterns that you want to fix in yourself, like trust issues, communication issues, or assertiveness issues. Yet you can’t seem to make the changes. It’s really frustrating! You WANT to be different. Maybe you just don’t know HOW. You try to stay conscientious and conscious of your reactions &…

Relationship Problems: Moving towards bitter, or better?

In relationships, stuff happens. There are always relationship problems, and they range from incidental to mammoth. When you talk to other people about an issue in your relationship before you have discussed it fully with your partner, you are “dialing for drama.” Read this blog post to understand why that only makes things worse and is voting in the direction of bitter rather than better for your relationship.

Relationship Help: Ever Feel Taken for Granted?

A great enemy of loving relationships is that old phrase: “taken for granted.” It’s a sure sign of needing relationship help. Many folks who have been in relationship for a while are well-served by stopping to think about whether or not they might be taking their partners for granted. What does it mean, to take…

Relationship Problems: Make This the Holiday Season You Want it to Be!

Relationship problems and the holidays? It happens. Oh, we so hope everyone will be different when we visit them this holiday season…especially the difficult, fearful and judgmental ones! In fits of wishful thinking, we hope that any growth we have achieved during the past year will have, by osmosis, been passed along to them.  They…


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