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Clearing the clutter is good for the soul…

I have shared with you all that I recently bought a house and moved. To move is a verb. To feel moved in is a whole other thing! I'm still walking around a few boxes while waiting for my marvelous handyman, Dave, to take care of what would be a massive 'Honey Do" list. Each day he comes many things get crossed off the list. How is it that that list never seems much shorter, though?

When I bought the house, I promised myself that I would live out my dream of creating a "chosen life." What that means to me is that every single thing I have in my house, or in my newly-built storage shed, has been held in my hand and 'chosen' to continue living with me. To me, that's a big deal!

I've never been this me before and I have been holding on to some very 'old me' stuff. Why have I had my mother's writing desk in my storage area for all these years? It carries nothing but unhappy memories for me, but I've dutifully carted it with me from house to house, even from Canada to the US when I moved here twelve years ago! It's one of the should items: I should keep it because it belonged to my mother. It is the only piece of her furniture I still have, yet she's been gone for twenty years and we were not close. So, bye, bye, writing desk.

When I help my Feng Shui clients declutter and release things, I suggest taking a photo of larger items you no longer want but may fall in the should category. You know what? I'm not even going to take a picture of that writing desk!

Even though this "chosen life" commitment is slowing down the process of moving in greatly, it is SO worth the time and energy. When I'm done I'll have a beautifully feng-shuied house filled with things I love. Nothing will be holding energy that is stagnant, dormant or draining. Yippee!

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    somethingelse - Reply

    we’ve recently downsized… in a big way… so i can totally relate to this. In the past 18 months we’ve gone from 2000 square feet to 400, in two steps… we still have stuff to get rid of, as we’re contemplating hitting the road in a camper! It’s amazing how little of the STUFF really matters. Surely i will never get rid of my kid’s school art (i’ll let him decide what to do with it), or many photos or artwork that i love… but really, outside of that, do i NEED any of this stuff? I don’t think so. It’s been extremely liberating to make these realizations. To let go of things i’ve been carrying about out of obligation/guilt/sentimentality does not make me less loving, less thoughtful, less connected… it just makes me less heavy.

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      DrShaler - Reply

      What a big question: what do I really need? A great question to answer in depth for yourself and you have been choosing to do.

      When I wrote the little book, Prevent FreeFall: Pack Your Own Parachute, I made a little way for folks to decide about their possessions. If it is memorable, beautiful or functional, keep it. If you can’t let go of something entirely, take a photo of it and keep that. It simplifies things. You can even carry those photos in a camper!

      That little book is available at

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