Almost everything in life is an inside job: how we think, feel, respond, react and believe creates our life.

It is not coming from outside, no matter how much we would like to blame things on the world, conditions, circumstances and other people!

It is not only where we are coming from that makes the difference, but what we do with what comes to us.

newspaperToday I read an amazing article that is so on point with my thoughts that I wanted to share it with you.

It was published in the oldest newspaper in California, The Mountain Democrat, and it came to me in a Google Alert. (If you're not using Google Alerts to let Google bring you information on the subjects that most interest you, now is a good time to start and it's free.) The author, Bob Billingsley, has obviously been around long enough to know what makes things tick...at least, IMHO...lol. I guess that is because I agree with him so thoroughly!

Not only do we often let ourselves we pushed around by the expectations of others and our addiction to drama, we then use it as an excuse--OK, a reason if that makes you feel better--why we cannot create and live the life we say we want.

Right now, so many people have downloaded my free Personal Integrity Checklist, that I've created a group coaching program to help them complete it. I did that so that I can walk with them when they hit that old excuse for not completing things: "Life Intervened!"

I want to help them know the freedom of actually keeping their promises to themselves.

I believe that is what creates self-esteem. If you cannot trust yourself, you really won't trust anyone,you know. And, New Year's Resolutions are the proof. We make 'em. We break 'em. We show ourselves we don't matter because we're not worth keeping our promises to ourselves!

We are first and foremost about creating relationship: with ourselves, with our families, with the folks in the community and at work. Relationship issues abound.

How can we have inner peace without creating a loving, respectful, encouraging relationship with ourselves?

Our attitudes and action in relationship are demonstrations of our values, vision, beliefs and purpose. They radiate from us and can neutralize what is coming towards us.

That is why it is essential to not let external forces control you, your thinking, your choices. It's an inside job!

So, here's the article. Enjoy! I've read it several times and I encourage you to do the same. Thanks, Bob, for sharing your insights and wisdom.


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