relationship helpOh, the flying fingers that seal our fates! Relationships can be enriched by the loving text messages that let others know we care. But, let those fingers fly when you are angry and you've done something that may never go away.  Not only that, text messages are now fodder for court cases.  Think of this before you end up in divorce court!

From the National Public Radio website recently:

"A lot of people will draft a text at the spur of the moment, feeling hot and bothered about something, and off goes the text message" says Ken Altshuler, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. "But it's the same kind of written documentation that lawyers just love to go to town on."

In a recent survey, more than 80 percent of the academy's members reported an increased use of text messages in court. And Altshuler says once your words are in print, they're hard to disown.

"I have one husband, frankly, who said in a text message, 'I'm so angry at you right now I could kill you,''" Altshuler says. "He got charged with criminal threatening."

Have you ever fired off a feisty text to let your partner, boss, colleague or client know how angry or upset you are? If you did, it is likely that you thought better of it when you had cooled down. You'll think even more seriously about that mistake in judgment if your heated text message is used as evidence against you in court.

Whether I'm working with a couple or with a workplace team, I strongly advise against texting or sending emails when angry, frustrated, irritated or upset.  Your body and brain are working against this being a good thing. That's the biology of the situation.  When you are angry, you cannot think straight--even when you believe you've never been more justified in being angry!  Bad time to text.

Just think how much angrier--and sorrier--you'll be when the judge or opposing attorney submits your texts as evidence of your character, threats, appropriateness  or emotional maturity.  In fact, perhaps, if you hadn't texted, you wouldn't be in  court at all!
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