MEN: How to Revive a Dormant Sex Life After You’ve Killed the Connection

gs youngblood

Author of The Masculine in Relationships joins me to talk about male/female differences in relationships, and what’s toxic. Men, would you like to know what to say when your female partner is really angry? The answer–and many more–are in this episode with GS Youngblood, author of The Masculine in Relationship. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: When […]

Do you ever think ‘I’m Feeling Taken For Granted In My Relationship?”

feeling taken for granted - hijackal traits you need to know

Feeling taken for granted is an underlying relationship problem that can pop up regularly. It wears many disguises in a relationship. When your partner finds ways to justify behavior that leaves you feeling unheard, unseen, and unsupported, it’s likely that you will start feeling taken for granted. S/he just expects that you will somehow understand […]

Setting Boundaries That are Clear & Well-Expressed?

are you setting boundaries ? Now is a good time to start.

Ever feel used, abused and confused?  It may be that you are suffering from “Boundaryitis”.  You’re frustrated because people walk all over you. You have nothing to keep you safe. That’s what setting boundaries is all about. Boundaries are fundamentally important to creating healthy relationships. They are essential in relationships with people you love, or […]

How to Deal With Passive Aggressive People

learn how to deal with passive aggressive people

If you have a person in your life who confuses you regularly with their consistently inconsistent behavior, you may be in relationship with a passive-aggressive person. That can be crazy-making. This post will help you respond in healthy ways…and help you keep your sanity!

Tips for Divorcing a Hijackal® When Children are Involved – Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

When you considering divorcing a toxic person, or when you ARE divorcing a #Hijackal, and you have children, there are many considerations that might be more important than in other divorces. #Hijackals MUST win. They don’t really want the children as much as they want to have control over whether or not YOU have them. […]

Formula For Having Those Essential Tough Conversations

tough conversations

Do you put off speaking up because you’re afraid the conversation will go sideways…and not in your favor? Any chance you try to keep the peace rather than resolve big issues? David Hill’s formula for touch conversations will definitely help! Are you shying away from a tough conversation that you know is important? Would clearing […]

3 MUST-HAVES For Relationships Between Adults To Be Healthy

healthy relationship

Relationships cannot be healthy without these three foundational pieces, and it certainly won’t be happy. Whether it’s a relationship with a partner, parent, sibling, or adult child, measure it against these. If it doesn’t measure up, fix it or end it! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: The three essentials to having a healthy relationship with another […]

Dating? How to Spot Men Who’ll Only Waste Your Time GUEST Ronnie Ann Ryan

OK, this episode is for women, but guys, you’d do well to hear this, too! Dating takes guts. You need to spot the red flags, even though, you’re only wanting to see red roses! DON’T MISS THIS, or you could be wasting your time…and heart! Are you dating? Have you kissed more than your fair […]

Relieving the Mess of Chronic Stress in Toxic Relationships GUEST: Dr. Ganz Ferrance

chronic stress

How and Why You Need to Clear Your Head When Chronic Stress and Anxiety Cloud Your Thinking. Chronic stress can lead to chronic illness. Don’t let that happen to you. Listen today! In today’s episode, DR. RHOBERTA SHALER talks about ‘Clearing Your Head When Chronic Stress and Anxiety Have Clouded Your Thinking.’ HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: What […]

How to Stop Letting Someone Lie To You – Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

You know they’re lying. Listen to this episode for real reasons you don’t want to believe it or confront it, and what needs to change! You’ll feel better. Promise! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: What deception really is Usual reasons for not confronting the lies narcissists tell What stops you from stepping up to the truth […]