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Relationships: 4 Vital Connections to Reduce Holiday Stress Now

Holiday time.  Time for seeing friends and relatives, creating traditions, celebrating together. Time for taking time to connect.  Time for family relationships and traditions. Time that sometimes seems a little scarce  throughout the rest of the year. Sounds great!  But, a small problem. Somehow, during the holidays, time becomes even scarcer! Instead of slowing down and…

Relationship Help: Got boundaries? Or, faultfinding down to an art?

Some people have been carefully trained to be faultfinders. They look for the problems, the inadequacies, the not-quite-good-enoughs, and the less-than-perfects…and pounce! Fault is often the first thing out of their mouths. You might know one or two such folks.  Maybe, you’re related to one? Or, married to one?  Or, do you have faultfinding down…

tips for communicating with a contrarian

Tips For Communicating With A Contrarian

If you have a contrarian–a person who always says black when you say white and has no interest in moving towards gray–that you have to work with, or happens to be a family member, these tips can help you. Contrarians seem to take great joy in the “gotcha.” Get insights into improving the relationship here.