Expecting Emotional Maturity from a Narcissist? Don’t Hold Your Breath!!!

SOOO frustrating! You hoped for a partner, parent, sibling, or adult child with whom you could communicate, collaborate, and co-operate, but no. You live most of the time with q tiresome toddler or miserable middle schooler, right?

Learn more about recognizing the patterns and altering your expectations now.


  • #Hijackals are emotionally immature.
  • Check your expectations when you approach a narcissist. Expecting equality? Oops!
  • Often feel you’re talking to a tiresome toddler or demanding teenager when you try to reason with a Hijackal?
  • Why you need to do your own work to make good decisions about what to do about the Hijackal



Here is the livestream version with viewer Q&A at the end:

Need more? There are over 700 videos covering a wide range of topics about life with Hijackals on my youtube channel for you, free!

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