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Allowing time to pass rather than reacting in the moment is a very useful and wise thing to do. That was a hard-won lesson for me. Years ago, I thought I was doing the best possible thing by handling everything in the moment. Then, I began to see that the world would not stop turning if I did not respond to every request, every perceived slight, or, every creative idea immediately.

There is time. Contrary to popular press, there really is time. When Steven Covey pointed out the distinction between important and urgent, he was drawing attention to this. There is a tendency to treat everything as urgent, even when it is not important at the moment.

I urgently invite us all to think more about what's important...lol.

We all have experienced the difference in flavor between fast food and slow cooking. There is nothing as delicious as the full-flavored, slow-cooked food. In life, we have great control over investment of our time. We can allow ourselves to be starving and resort to fast food, or, we can plan to enjoy the slow-cooked...and, of course, I'm not really talking about food!

In our relationships, we can fit folks into our over-stuffed lives, or plan to spend quality time to savor their company. We can react to their behavior too quickly, or, give them time to re-consider. We can respond in ways that reflect the other's thoughtlessness and justify it by giving as good as we get. Or, we can hold true to who we are and generate behavior that fits our values, vision, beliefs and purpose. That, too, requires circumspection and, often, patience.

In our haste, we not only create waste, we can burn things that cannot be saved. The ingredients are ruined. I guess that's why they say that patience is a virtue, eh?

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