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Relationship Help: Don’t Be a Doormat!!!

Whether you are a man or a woman doesn’t matter, but it certainly matters if you are a doormat! A doormat is a person who doesn’t take a stand in life for his or her values, vision, purpose, beliefs, desires or worth. They are more interested in keeping the peace, or living up to the…

Relationship Problems: Blame it on menopause?

What ever has happened to our interactions when business acquaintances hug and teachers aren’t allowed to, elementary school students have sex and married folks don’t! No wonder there are relationship problems. There are just as many troubled business folks as troubled teachers…and, I would guess there might be a few more in the former group.…

How Can I Respond to a Passive-Aggressive Person

Responding to Passive Aggressive people

Respond to a Passive Aggressive Person Effectively

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about 'How to Recognize a Passive Aggressive Person," and now the next stop is what to do with the relationship you have with them. There is no question that it will be somewhere between mildly frustrating and passionately infuriating!