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Relationship Help Doctor: Did your parents give you “fearing aids”?

Often the reason we know we need relationship help is that our parents, or other authority figures, fitted us out with “fearing aids” that get in the way of healthy relationships! We need to know how to turn them down when they are not needed. Of course, we also need to tune them in when…

Relationship with Yourself: Integrity – Holding True to Your Vision

How many of us had a clear sense of who were were and what were here to express when we were young?  I venture to say many of us, however, we were talked out of it, or walked out of it, by the expectations of others,  cultural influences,  the generally accepted ideas of success, or…

Relationship Problems: Are you Waiting for Approval?

A friend wants a long-term love relationship, in fact, she would like to get married. She was talking to me about her internet dating adventures the other day.  She is well aware of what she is looking for in a partner, and that has matured over this recent dating history.  Funny how experience does that!…

Are you a friend, or just “friended?”

In these days of social networking, it is wise to make the distinction between being a friend and just being “friended.” Read why this will help you navigate your way through your values and determine the best approach for you in this new social whirlwind.

Got anger? Three tasks to help you improve your relationships.

Anger is a healthy response to crossed boundaries. What you do with it can torch relationships or fan the flames of friendship? These three tasks will help you think through the best next steps for managing your anger…or that of someone you live or work with.

AIKIDO & Sowing Peace at Home

Wherever we are, in any situation, we can have moments of great insight and clarity. Aikido Master, Paul Rest, contributes this wonderful personal story to demonstrate such a moment with his step-daughter. Such a good reminder of our ability to choose consciously in every moment. Read on….