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I've just returned from a very insightful trip to Canada. I find that when I leave my office, my writing, my dog and daily life behind, whole new vistas open and new perspectives emerge. It was wonderful connecting with so many friends and family, as well as meeting a few lovely new folks, too.. As I had conversations with almost fifty folks on this excursion, I found new ideas percolating and new expressions arising.

So, that is what has spawned this idea of choice among being reactive, responsive or generative in any moment, circumstance, condition or relationship. I'm interested in your thoughts, so, here are mine for the moment:

Reactive = You yell at me. I yell back, justifying my behavior because you started it.

Responsive = You yell at me. I decide to yell, discuss or demure in response to your yelling. Depending on the day, situation and relationship, each of those was a potential response. My behavior arises from choice in the moment.

Generative = You yell at me. I am clear that yelling is not in alignment with my values, vision, beliefs or purpose. I have made a conscious choice about who I am and how that is expressed, no matter what the circumstance, conditions, relationship or situation. I am generative from who I am, who I choose to be all the time. This demonstrates my understanding of "the truth is what you do" that we talk about in our book, Soul Solitude: Taking Time for Our Souls to Catch Up.

Being an emotional grown-up requires a generative approach to the moment....IMNTHO! lol

I hope you'll add your thoughts below.

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