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What does it mean to be “great?”

We’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately: What does it mean to be great? We say things like: Have a great day! We had a great time. She is a great woman. We call that “The Great Depression.” He has great fear of failure. So, the word is used for a great many…

AIKIDO & Sowing Peace at Home

Wherever we are, in any situation, we can have moments of great insight and clarity. Aikido Master, Paul Rest, contributes this wonderful personal story to demonstrate such a moment with his step-daughter. Such a good reminder of our ability to choose consciously in every moment. Read on….

Shake it up. Start conversations in novel ways.

© Rhoberta Shaler, PhD www.Rhoberta.com Want to wake things up and create more engaging conversation? Today I was reminded of a talk I gave a few years ago, so I thought I’d write about it today. What I was talking about was the habitual greeting: “How are you?” So many times we ask or hear…