10 Root Fears That Hijackals Prey On…Relentlessly

We all have things we fear, things we may not even be conscious of. Hijackals exploit your deepest root fears to manipulate and control. They make those fears worse and more real. Recognize these fears and how the Hijackal feeds them. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: How Hijackals are attracted to people with wounds How your […]

Reading the Shifting Scary Eyes of Hijackals As They Try to Control You

Yes, Hijackal’s eyes are not the windows to their souls as much as windows into their fears and desires to control. It’s real. You’re not imagining it. You can feel safer with the insights in this episode of Save Your Sanity. Research shows that humans notice faces first. Generally, that is what attracts us. HIGHLIGHTS […]

Beware of Introjection & Projection!

You may not know these terms but you know the undercutting feeling one produces, and the scramble the other does! Very important to recognize and say no to! Listen in. Hijackals–people with narcissistic, borderline, passive-aggressive, anti-social traits–play to win. Only to win. They cannot and will not tolerate blame or shame to touch them and […]

Are You Striving to Be Good Enough for a Narcissist?

If you had a narcissistic or Hijackal parent, you were pre-conditioned to accept the poor treatment of a Hijackal. That’s difficult enough! Then, you may find yourself in a supposedly romantic relationship with one, and eventually it starts to resemble the one with your parents, right? No accident! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: Two kinds of […]


Hijackals & other narcissistic people have neither thought nor intention of leveling any playing field. No, it’s about the all important winning. Why? What can you do or say? Use the ideas in this episode to step back from the crazy-making!  When you’re in a relationship with a relatively healthy person, you work things out. […]

8 Damaging Roles Narcissistic Parents Assign to Their Children

…How They Affect Your Self-Esteem & Adult Relationships You had no choice in the role a narcissistic parent created for you and assigned to you. You were stuck with it–while usually being quite unaware of it. It’s just the way your family is, like it or not, right? NOW, in this episode, see your assigned […]

Future Faking

episode topic is future faking - the ways narcissists keep you hooked by promising futures you'll never have

One phony way narcissistic people keep you hooked. All those promises! All those dreams! Was it future faking? That’s a very common way that #Hijackals keep you engaged in the relationship. Learn how it works…and, what really doesn’t work about it. You need to see this clearly, or you’ll be hooked on hope! All you […]

EMOTIONAL ABUSE: The High Cost of Enabling a Narcissistic Hijackal

enabling a narcissist

There can be significant and damaging results to enabling a narcissist that you don’t want to stay blind to. You think you’re doing your best, giving your all, compromising, and cooperating. And in a healthy relationship, that’s great. In a toxic relationship, you’ll be expected to over-give and more. It’s a setup for emotional abuse. […]

How Living With Or Being Raised By A Narcissist Actually Traumatizes You

learn how to deal with passive aggressive people

If you downplay the trauma, you won’t take steps to recover. That would be a shame. Never underestimate the effect of having a narcissistic parent or partner! Resist the urge to downplay the verbal and emotional abuse. You’re not supposed to be abused…by anyone!!! Today, I’m sharing some ways to recognize your own trauma, so […]

Are Your Boundaries Secure, Or Too Porous To Keep You Safe?


Are your boundaries secure or about as porous as a flow-through tea bag?  Boundaries. You know you need them to define yourself. You know you need them to draw a line in the sand with a #Hijackal, or any person wanting to roll on over you. You know they can keep you safe. You may […]