Hijackals & other narcissistic people have neither thought nor intention of leveling any playing field. No, it’s about the all important winning. Why? What can you do or say? Use the ideas in this episode to step back from the crazy-making!  When you’re in a relationship with a relatively healthy person, you work things out. […]

8 Damaging Roles Narcissistic Parents Assign to Their Children

…How They Affect Your Self-Esteem & Adult Relationships You had no choice in the role a narcissistic parent created for you and assigned to you. You were stuck with it–while usually being quite unaware of it. It’s just the way your family is, like it or not, right? NOW, in this episode, see your assigned […]

EMOTIONAL ABUSE: The High Cost of Enabling a Narcissistic Hijackal

you can break the habit of enabling a narcissist

There can be significant and damaging results to enabling a narcissist that you don’t want to stay blind to. You think you’re doing your best, giving your all, compromising, and cooperating. And in a healthy relationship, that’s great. In a toxic relationship, you’ll be expected to over-give and more. It’s a setup for emotional abuse. […]

How Living With Or Being Raised By A Narcissist Actually Traumatizes You

learn how to deal with passive aggressive people

If you downplay the trauma, you won’t take steps to recover. That would be a shame. Never underestimate the effect of having a narcissistic parent or partner! Resist the urge to downplay the verbal and emotional abuse. You’re not supposed to be abused…by anyone!!! Today, I’m sharing some ways to recognize your own trauma, so […]

Are Your Boundaries Secure, Or Too Porous To Keep You Safe?


Are your boundaries secure or about as porous as a flow-through tea bag?  Boundaries. You know you need them to define yourself. You know you need them to draw a line in the sand with a #Hijackal, or any person wanting to roll on over you. You know they can keep you safe. You may […]

Feeling Stuck With A Hijackal? Shift Your Thinking With These Tips!

Sometimes, you can feel SO stuck! The Hijackal–that relentless difficult toxic person–looms over your thinking, and keeps you in the shadow of fear. As I’ve said on Save Your Sanity, walking on eggshells is not a good way to get your exercise. Notice if you’re still doing that, and let’s change it! Even if it […]

Housebound With A Hijackal? 10 Truths About Them You Can’t Change

Trying to change these ten things about a Hijackal is impossible. Nothing you say will change them. Save your breath. Take them to heart right now, especially when housebound! with them Still Housebound with a #Hijackal? Did the first moment you realized that you might be quarantined with a Hijackal parent or partner send shivers through […]

Don’t Believe “Emotional Facts”: Recognize How Narcissists Use Them To Gaslight and Control You

emotional facts

#Hijackals–all people with narcissistic, sociopathic, anti-social tendencies–love to manipulate with emotional facts. Help today to recognize and refute them. Tips for empowering responses! HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE: Where the term, “emotional facts,” is used How emotional facts demonstrate narcissistic projection How emotional facts are related to the Impostor Syndrome Emotional facts are part of the […]