How Being the Golden Child In the Family Hurts You

Can’t do anything wrong? Get away with nonsense? Get extra goodies? Attention? Time?

Might sound good but it can get old fast and leave you with very poor self-esteem and a lack of identity. Have a sibling who is the Golden Child? You envied them and now you see them differently?

VERY IMPORTANT EPISODE to straighten your thinking about yourself and others who were treated as Golden Children growing up.


  • Why being the Golden Child is not a great role
  • Help to understand the downsides of being raised by a narcissistic parent
  • Recognize the lasting effects of being the Golden Child or Scapegoat child in a narcissistic family
  • Giving up the “overachiever” role given to you by your family dynamic

Living up to the Golden Child moniker can lead to damaging perfectionism, unrealistic expectations of how you or your life “should” be performing, unreachable goals, and standards that no partner or child of your own may ever be able to reach.


Here is the livestreamed episode with viewer Q&A at the end (33:20)

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