STOP OVERSHARING. It’s dangerous.

You want someone–at least one someone–to hear you, see you, believe you. So you share. Sadly, that often turns into oversharing, leaving you a little red-faced. if you fully embarrassed a little later, right? “Why did I do that?”

There are good reasons you overshare. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Listen in to understand the “whys” and stick around for the “why nots!” so you can make positive changes in what you share and with whom. You can stop oversharing, and still be heard when you talk with the right people.


  • The longing to be known
  • The desire to have an ally
  • Trusting the wrong person for the right reasons
  • Disappointed and betrayed while looking for a friend
  • Taking care of yourself in ways you didn’t know you’d need to


I’m here to help. Let’s talk soon.



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