Top 12 Traits That Scream Hijackal!!! Don’t Be in Denial.

You’re a good person. You want to see the best in folks. You are right ready to help someone excuse their poor behavior, and be understanding. Hijackals count on that! They treat you poorly to see how much you’ll put up with.

It’s often not long into the relationship before they’re taking up all the space….and you’re gasping for air, dying to be heard.

BE CLEAR ABOUT THESE 12 TRAITS. See them. Believe them. Don’t expect them to change.


  • There are many more than twelve traits of narcissistic Hijackals
  • You may be too emotionally exhausted to see these clearly anymore, SO it’s important to listen to this episode
  • Why it’s important to recognize these traits and make decisions to set boundaries that keep you safer
  • How sabotage, undermining, and threats relateWhy “belittling” is SO damaging

I’m here to help. Let’s talk soon.




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