How Crazy-Making Hijackals Use PLAUSIBILITY to Suck You In

Most people want to believe the stories of others. You want to be able to trust, right? So, you’re inclined to be sucked in by plausible stories, excuses, reasons, etc.. Also, you don’t want the hassle of their endless denials and turning things on you.

Learn how plausibility is the key to turning this into healthier interactions to stop the crazy-making. Listen in and get away.


  • plausible = seeming reasonable, probable, or persuasive…or NOT!
  • How a plausible story is a slippery story: could be equally true or untrue
  • “Plausible Deniability” = the sneaky way to deny knowledge of a responsibility or to be accountable for something
  • Why Hijackals like things that have no evidence
  • And, why Hijackals HATE EVIDENCE!
  • Your best antidote to plausible deniability: the personal weather report


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