Narcissists ARE Aggressive. Don’t Poke a Hijackal on Purpose

Narcissists and other Hijackals are infuriating, frustrating, and crazy-making. You reach the end of your tether and you want to tell them everything that’s wrong with them and more.

You’ve likely noticed that nothing good happens when you accuse them of being narcissistic,, point out their flaws, or ask them to change. What’s much ore likely to happen is that they explode, spilling their nastiness in every direction. MAXIMUM AGGRESSION.

Listen to this episode to understand why and how to stop poking the Hijackal. You’ll feel better when you stop.


  • Big link between narcissism and aggression
  • Narcissists don’t take much provocation to be nasty, blaming, and shaming.
  • Narcissistic aggression is not caused by you, nor is it your fault
  • Hijackals are entitled, thin-skinned, and owners of fragile egos.
  • Both male and female narcissists are equally aggressive, though, it may show up in different ways.
  • Why you are best to step back and observe the Hijackal behavior rather than participate with it.


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