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What has substance & endures forever?

The answer to that question would be a good focal point for daily living, don't you think?

What is it that has substance? What is it that endures forever?

  • Deeds of love
  • The activity of sowing peace
  • The understanding of the interaction between sowing and reaping
  • Making choices that reflect this understanding

That is how life is renewed every moment, year after year, in loving, helpful ways. We can recommit to that understanding with each new breath.

So, to lighten up a little, I'm sure you've heard people moan about having just eaten a double deluxe banana split and how it has ruined their diet. Then, they say those incredible words--incredible in the sense of not to be believed:

"I guess I'll have to start my diet again on Monday."

What is it with that? Why Monday? Why not with the next mouthful? That always puzzles me. If I think I should do something differently to be in alignment with what I think, believe and want, AND, I do not do it, what's up with that?

Surprise! Surprise! There is no magic. The results you get depend on the choices you make. So, duh! If you say you want to release weight and you eat the double deluxe banana split, it's a mixed message to the body, at least. And, if you choose the banana split, fine. Splurge. But, don't wait until Monday to get back on the trail of better nutrition. Start with the next mouthful.

The same with sowing peace. If you live from love, it will show. You'll feel rich, peaceful and blessed. If you make a mistake, you'll admit it as soon as possible and get back in the garden sowing peace. And, for your own sake, sow peace wherever you are. Don't think that you can choose revenge, anger, hate or bigotry in one garden and sow peace in your own. You know there is only one garden!

Sow Peace™
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