Struggle, stress, push and pressure. Is that what you're feeling right now as the holidays get into full swing?

Stop! It's not necessary. You're in charge.

Take fifteen minutes with a cup of something comforting and read this. It can take all that pressure off you and make this the best holiday season ever.

I was in a store at 8 AM today and the stress was all around. At 8 o'clock in the morning! No, that's not a good thing. So, when I got to the office, I decided to round up the four top articles I have written on reducing holiday stress and put them in one place for you. 

So, with that cup of something comforting in hand, give yourself the time to read these.

 4 Vital Connections to Reduce Holiday Stress Now

 How to Avoid "Holiday Hell" With Family Friends & Partners

12 Relationship "Do's" For A More Loving Holiday Season

 3 Big Steps To Turn Holiday Duty & Dread Into Love & Delight

Read them all?  Feel better?  I hope so.  You can take charge of what is in your power.

I write this blog each week to help you to have healthy, strong, mutually-supportive relationships with everyone in your life you care about.  Holidays--especially family holidays--can be difficult at these times. There are so many expectations, some expressed, many not. There are trip wires in the unexpressed ones and these 29 proven ways to reduce relationship stress in the holidays will help you avoid them.
E35-croppedI wish you joy, love and peace as you express all three this holiday season!

Warm regards,

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler
The Relationship Help Doctor


Disclaimer: All advice, insights and suggestions made here are not to be construed as psychological or legal advice. Any actions you undertake as a result of reading any article, book, video, ebook or blog post from Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, are entirely your own. Having worked with individuals and couples for more than twenty-five years, she offers her insights and opinions for your consideration only.


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