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Tag Archives: stress management

Relationship Help: 29 Proven Ways to Reduce Relationship Stress in the Holidays

Struggle, stress, push and pressure. Is that what you’re feeling right now as the holidays get into full swing? Stop! It’s not necessary. You’re in charge. Take fifteen minutes with a cup of something comforting and read this. It can take all that pressure off you and make this the best holiday season ever. I…

Relationship Help: Could You Have Unmanaged or Mismanaged Emotions?

We usually think that we are quite rational and justified in expressing our emotions. Some of us hold forth about them at length, given the opportunity. The big question: Are your emotions in proportion to the situations, relationships, and circumstances you’re responding to? Is it possible that you have some unmanaged or mismanaged emotions? Maybe…

High Conflict Couple

Hijackal® behavior creates high conflict couples.  They exhaust themselves and, eventually, the relationship. A High-Conflict Couple involves one or both partners who: Just want to keep the conflict going, any conflict. Blames, shames and/or judges…and then justifies his/her own behaviors by making it their partner’s fault. Is always seeing the downside potential in everything. Holds on to ideas Read More > >

Relationship Help: Do You Have a Crazy-Making Partner or Co-Worker?

Do you have a partner, boss or co-worker who you would often–operant word, often–describe as crazy-making?  Does s/he frequently seem to give with one hand and grab it back with the other? This can be a description of the emotional and verbal behavior of a passive-aggressive person. My friend, Brenda, was telling me about her…

Relationship Help: Rage. You don’t have to live with it.

Rage! That’s different from simple anger. It is another class of upheaval.  Rage is defined as “violent and uncontrolled anger.”  A whole other class.  And, no one needs to live with it, neither the Rager nor the recipient. The operant difference between anger and rage is the violence and the lack of control.  We all…


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