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There's a good reason that kids like the light left on. There's a reason some people are afraid of the dark. Because everyone knows the negatives are developed in the dark!

One of the best breeding grounds for negatives is a mind left to its own devices, unfocused, undisciplined, unloved. Those minds have negatives by the huge litter and they happily give them away to anyone who comes near. And, those minds tend to enjoy getting together and running down their huge lists of "Ain't it awful?" "S/he done me wrong." and "Life is terrible and no one gets out alive!" just to name a few. Do you know any groups who love to commiserate? It's absolutely true that misery likes company.

What are you doing to keep your mind focused, disciplined, loved and expanding? When we wrote the book, Soul Solitude: Taking Time for Our Souls to Catch Up, we wanted to share the straight-forward ideas for creating a positive journey consciously to the life, love and livelihood that you might want to create. It certainly starts with staying out of the metaphoric dark and maintaining the ability to see and choose your path. It offers great insights that will help you stay away from the stock phrases of the "dark-dwellers:"

  • The world is out to get me.
  • Nobody loves me.
  • I'll always be alone.
  • Life is never fair.
  • Everybody else gets help and I have to do it alone.
  • Even the people who love me are doing so because they want something.
  • There's no one who cares whether I live or die, succeed or fail.
  • There's not enough time, money, luck, love, or ....
  • Nothing I do gets me where I want to go.

When you seriously want to consciously create the life you most want, you'll stay out of the dark! Because that's where the negatives develop!

Love to hear your thoughts on how you stay out of the dark, so, please share them below.

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