Got Energy Leaks? Procrastination? Denial? Resentment? Forgiveness?

GUEST: Brenda Adelman. Author of My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving the Unforgivable

Rhoberta gives you insights into why you may be keeping these leaks in place, and why you need to get rid of them now. You are holding yourself backcreating obstacles, and preventing your growth towards satisfying goals in life.

Brenda is an award-winning actor, a recipient of a Hero of Forgiveness award, and a sought after guest. She’s performed her critically-acclaimed one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, about the power of forgiving the unforgivable for over 12,000 people worldwide, including women prisoners, youth-at-risk, domestic violence coalitions, spiritual communities, and the US Military.

Do You Have Unfinished Business from Emotional Energy Leaks?

What are emotional energy leaks?

  • procrastination
  • denial
  • resentments
  • grudges
  • unresolved relationship issues

…for a few! Which ones are plaguing you?


  • Brenda tells her horrific story of loss and how she came to forgive her father for killing her mother
  • What is forgiveness?
  • Why we should engage with it when the pain is still there
  • What needs to change in your thinking to make forgiveness possible
  • What people find most challenging about forgiveness…and why
  • What to do to forgive now.

Brenda teaches mission-drive entrepreneurs how to use their story to heal themselves, inspire others, and be memorable on stage and video.

Today, Brenda offers her three-step, proven forgiveness process to help you on your journey to ending your energy leaks!

This episode brings a new topic to Emotional Savvy, as well as a refreshing and different perspective on the practical and spiritual aspects of forgiveness, even in the most seeming impossible circumstance.

What folks have said…
I stumbled (by no accident) across your podcasts 2 years ago after my X had raged and then was giving me the usual silent treatment. I credit all your sound advice for my finally understanding and getting out of the most abusive relationship I’d been in. I’ve only been with Hijackals. I’m blown away how much more discerning I am of future Hijackals. I spot them immediately and don’t have the urge to help them. Your work has transformed my life. I’ll keep reading/listening and learning.… Read more
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