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Got Energy Leaks? Procrastination? Denial? Resentment? Forgiveness?

GUEST: Brenda Adelman. Author of My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving the Unforgivable Rhoberta gives you insights into why you may be keeping these leaks in place, and why you need to get rid of them now. You are holding yourself back, creating obstacles, and preventing your growth towards satisfying goals in life. Brenda is an…

Love, Dump, Or…? What About Radical Acceptance?

GUEST: Andrea Miller, CEO of, author of Radical Acceptance DR. RHOBERTA SHALER: How Do You Create and Experience Acceptance in Your LIfe? You want to be seen, heard, known, acknowledged, appreciated, and accepted in life. By your parents. By your partner. By others in your world. Not everyone is willing or capable of doing that. I’ve written…

5 Ways to Recognize Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Passive-aggressive behavior is frustrating, infuriating, and frankly…unfair! And, it’s sneaky! In fact, so sneaky that you’re often caught up in thinking that it actually makes some sense…at first, or for a while. Then, it dawns on you: Something’s not right with this but I can’t quite put my finger on it. So, in this recording,…


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