8 Essential Factors for Recovery After Emotional Abuse, that you need to consider …even if you don’t want to and just want to go get the love, fun, attention, and validation you’ve been missing. What if you skip them? It could be a disaster. You may be anxious to date, or you may be scared […]

10 Emotionally Abusive Things Hijackals Say Often

person in "toxic" jacket - signs of a toxic relationship

… And How to NEUTRALIZE Their Effects on You You hear the same demeaning, dismissive things from narcissistic Hijackals all the time. It wears you down and they put your down. You need tools and strategies to neutralize the poison when it’s being poured on you. This episode gives you specific insights into keeping yourself […]

The Scam, Sham & Spam of Pseudomutuality

pseudomutuality is not a healthy relationship dynamic [image man with mask in hand, woman walking by]

How & Why Hijackals® Create a Lie of Loyalty You know how some people and families both “put on a front” and are “a closed shop?” You can sense that something is off but the story they tell sounds good. They may be SO good at the story that you can’t help but believe it. Why […]


reactive abuse

How Emotional Abusers Push You To It, Blame You For It & Shame You With It! Do you ever wonder if you’re the problem in a relationship when you know that the other person is forever pushing your buttons, blaming and shaming you? You may be suffering from “Reactive Abuse,” and that’s a cycle that […]

10 Underhanded Ways Gaslighting Shows Up in Relationships

gaslighting is emotional abuse. "it is intended to make you forget who you are and accept another person's view of your reality"

Understanding the many faces of gaslighting helps you see it coming. Then, seeing it for what it is, you can discount it, reject and deny it. In this episode, I help you see ten faces of gaslighting that can help you recognize it for what it is: emotional abuse. The actual definition of gaslighting I […]

Can Narcissists Change? Like, Actually Make Lasting Changes to Stop the Abuse?

Can Narcissists Change? Listen to this podcast episode to find out

Psychiatrist, Dr. Laura Dabney, answers that HUGE question that keeps you hooked on hope: Can Narcissists Change? You want to know if there’s hope the emotional abuse will stop. Listen in! You hope, hope, hope. Can narcissists change? Can YOUR narcissist change? WILL your narcissistic person change? You buy into their promises to change. And, […]

How to Handle the Emotional Abuse of Microaggressions Using the PWR Response

microaggressions - tiny little things that add up to big emotional abuse

Those underhanded, often brief, microaggressions that narcissistic Hijackals and other toxic people use for control need to be recognized. Then, you need to know what to do about them. The small, subtle, often sneaky words, actions, and gestures that are small or brief slights, insults, insinuations, or put downs used to marginalize you are microaggressions. […]


How It Erodes Your Self-Worth and Self-Confidence Sneaky stuff this emotional brainwashing! It often starts slowly and seems understandable. But, it continues and tips you over into second-guessing yourself and questioning your sanity, right? And, down the slippery slope! Listen in to uncover what may be happening–or has happened–to you. Great start! HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S […]

How the Strong Pull of Trauma-Bonding Creates Addiction to a Toxic Relationship

couple after incident, what trauma-bonding looks like

You may call it “love” but, in a toxic relationship, it may sadly be that you succumbed to the addictive nature of trauma-bonding. You need to know for sure so that you can make wise decisions for your–and your children’s–health and well-being. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: The definition of trauma-bonding Understanding the addictive nature of […]

Recognizing The Impact of Shame in Toxic Relationships

the shame in toxic relationships with beverly engel & dr rhoberta shaler

You might never have thought about the possible elements of shame in toxic relationships. This is something that likely both you and the #Hijackal are experiencing. No, there’s no excuse for the abuse, but this episode will help you understand a deep dynamic in these relationships. Important to know! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: Differences between […]