Why You Feel So Frozen, Stuck and Powerless With A Hijackal

The energetics of relationships with Hijackals can shut you down emotionally, and even physically. Understanding what happens within yourself, and why, can help you thaw, move, and take action in your own best interests. You need to hear this to empower yourself and get unstuck! You are not powerless, although you may be feeling that […]

10 Surefire Signs of an Emotional Abuser

Emotional abuse. Don’t ignore, tolerate, or deny it. See it clearly for what it is, AND how it is affecting you daily. Do you feel putdown, degraded, or are your feelings dismissed and discounted? Is someone trying to control you and/or manipulate you? HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: What coercive control is (See more in this […]

How Hijackals Succeed at Emotional Blackmail

Hijackals are good at emotional blackmail. They are experts at the “Gotcha!” And, they constantly use it to their advantage. Learn more about the components of that blackmail and how to counteract them. Then, Hijackals will fail to succeed at using it against you effectively! Learn what you can do to respond in empowering ways […]

How To Keep A Hijackal From Tearing You Down

gaslighting is emotional abuse. "it is intended to make you forget who you are and accept another person's view of your reality"

Hijackals–passive-aggressive. narcissistic. anti-social folks–thrive on tearing you down. Sometimes, it’s a slow picking at you. Sometimes, it’s a constant beratement. Either way, you need to stop it from getting into your head and under your skin. And, if it’s already there, I’ll help you get it out. Listen in. Hijackals–my word for people who hijack […]

How Hijackals Confuse You Through Cognitive Empathy

photo: woman looking confused with head in hands, background of swirling arrows on chalkboard

Yet, it feels real, and you SO want it to be real. There’s where the manipulation and confusion sets in. In this episode, I let you in on the secret that, much as you want it to be real, it isn’t. (Did I mention that?) You need to see that clearly to keep from being […]


Clearly see how narcissistic people try to control information flow by going through other people, their desired “flying monkeys.” Are there other people in your relationship with the Hijackal who are being approached by the Hijackal to serve their purposes? Do they engage them? Learn how to think about all that! SO important to recognize […]

QUELLING THE FEAR OF REJECTION…especially from narcissistic hijackals!

No one likes to be rejected. It’s uncomfortable, painful, and a blow to the self-confidence and self-esteem. What can you do about it? How do you think it through? It’s more difficult in a relationship with a Hijackal, Listen in to understand the dynamics and know what steps to take to quell the fear of rejection. […]


8 Essential Factors for Recovery After Emotional Abuse, that you need to consider …even if you don’t want to and just want to go get the love, fun, attention, and validation you’ve been missing. What if you skip them? It could be a disaster. You may be anxious to date, or you may be scared […]

10 Emotionally Abusive Things Hijackals Say Often

person in "toxic" jacket - signs of a toxic relationship

… And How to NEUTRALIZE Their Effects on You You hear the same demeaning, dismissive things from narcissistic Hijackals all the time. It wears you down and they put your down. You need tools and strategies to neutralize the poison when it’s being poured on you. This episode gives you specific insights into keeping yourself […]

The Scam, Sham & Spam of Pseudomutuality

pseudomutuality is not a healthy relationship dynamic [image man with mask in hand, woman walking by]

How & Why Hijackals® Create a Lie of Loyalty You know how some people and families both “put on a front” and are “a closed shop?” You can sense that something is off but the story they tell sounds good. They may be SO good at the story that you can’t help but believe it. Why […]