First, you don't want to believe it's abuse, and you justify and rationalize it. Then, it gets worse. Eventually, you have to call it what it is. Gain insights as April Giaque, author of Pinpoints of Light, shares her story of escape.

Why are we so reluctant to call it abuse?

Today's episode starts with my response to this question. Of course, no one wants to think of themselves as being abused. So, you justify it, rationalize, and make excuses for it. Sometimes, you even decide it's your own fault! WRONG! And, I'll explain why today.


  • Imagine finding that your husband has an imaginary business partner that all the money is going to!
  • When something slips from a potential personality disorder to a mental illness
  • Where the definition of your worth and value arises from
  • April's take on the power of clarity
  • Insights into what might be going on in your relationship...that you may not want to see.


Verbal abuse and emotional abuse start small, usually. You write it off as someone "having a bad day" or "going through a rough patch." Then, you want to avoid looking at the overall patterns that are developing, right? That would mean one more thing to face in a life that's getting more difficult by the day. So, you don't.

Not a good idea! Best to wake up as early as possible, call it the abuse that it is, and make it stop. I've talked about this in so many episodes and I invite you to go through them and find the ones that are most like your situations and give them a listen now.

GUEST: April Giaque, author of Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse

call it abuseApril Tribe Giaque, escaped the abyss of abuse and she's written about it in her recent book. She has experienced homelessness with her five children--three who have Autism--following her escape. Yet, she remained focused and earned her Master's degree after leaving domestic violence. She took her knowledge and experience with Autism and now helps puzzled parents, teachers, and administrators to find support, social skills and inclusion for those with Autism, helping them to thrive in school, social settings, and life.

April is remarried to Scott and has four more children (two who are also deaf) with him. She is now the mother of nine. April has taken her pinpoints of light and turned it into a Beacon of Light to enlighten and illuminate the world.



Website: AprilTribe.com

Twitter:  @AprilTribe

Facebook: Facebook.com/AprilTribeGiaqueAuthor

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com


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