Is it an epidemic? Do you attract them? What's up?

A comment complaint I hear in my practice--especially, of course, from people who have #Hijackal parents, partners, or exes, is that S/HE IS NOT EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE!


  • How to tell if someone is emotionally available...although, I'm pretty sure you know, right?
  • Is it actually increasing? Are more people emotionally unavailable now?
  • How we define 'emotional unavailability".
  • The impact of having emotionally unavailable parents
  • Tips for dealing with an emotionally unavailable partner
  • How limerence affects our judgment in choosing a partner
  • and...why some women choose to stay in secret relationships with married men!


I belong to many groups on Facebook, and this is a common complaint there, too.

"I'm attentive, collaborative, loving, nurture, and even compliant, and my partner just doesn't give anything back!"

Early on in a relationship that seems to be going somewhere good, you're affected by limerence. Dr. Marni talks about this in today's episode, that warm feeling when you're falling love, in lust, or infatuation. She says it's like being on cocaine. (I'm sure she's guessing about that, right? lol)

So, if you're ready to hear the truth about how you may have found yourself with an emotionally unavailable partner, you'll be fascinated by today's topic.

Oh, dear! Are you responding by becoming emotionally unavailable yourself? We talk about why you don't want to fall into that trap....and, why it doesn't work, either!


emotionally unavailableMarni Feuerman, MSW, PsyD, is a licensed psychotherapist, author, speaker and workshop presenter. As a nationally recognized relationship expert, she is a sought-after media contributor and syndicated freelance writer with content on numerous online media outlets including HuffoPo, Time, Marth Stewart Weddings, MSN and more.

Dr. Marni's debut self-help book is titled, Ghosted and Breadcrumbed: Stop Falling for Unavailable Men and Get Smart about Healthy Relationships (published by New World Library). She wrote this book for women who struggle with repetitive and unhealthy relationship patterns with men. 

Dr. Marni lives in the South Florida area with her husband and twin daughters. She maintains a private practice where she works extensively with distressed couples and individuals with relationship struggles. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her rescue dogs, cooking, yoga, and traveling.


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