Would you rather be responsive than reactive? Life is much easier when you are, right? Most people long for peace of mind. Yoga is a practice. No matter what you're spiritual beliefs, yoga is a grand addition.

Would you like more peace of mind? Do you let other people steal your peace of mind? Then, today's episode will be of great interest to you!


  • How you can become more responsive and less reactive
  • Finding inner peace to create outer peace
  • Why peace of mind is elusive
  • How using affirmations can center yourself
  • How yoga can help you stay calm when arguments get messy
  • What to do with your own toxic feelings


Do you feel badly when you think you're judging?

Do you catch yourself judging other people's motives?

Do you know the difference between judgmentdiscernment, and observation?

In today's episode, those are the things I talk about before the interview. So worthwhile thinking about! You may be beating yourself up for no good reasons, and that's worth finding out by listening, right?

GUEST: Shanthi Yogini, Former Software Engineer & Founder of Yoga for Happiness Academy

Shanthi Yogini is an internationally recognized exponent on the ancient science of Yoga. Her ideal students are spiritual seekers and aspiring leaders willing to liberate Yoga from being chained to fitness exercises and learn spirituality and spiritual leadership through Yoga.

Shanthi offers training for independent 2-minute Yoga practices in order to be liberated from any limitation--physically, mentally, intellectually, and socially. She offers eye-opening presentations of Yoga, not just as a solution for life problems, but as a path to live to one's highest potential. She is a former software engineer, and now if the founder of the Yoga for Happiness Academy, where Yoga is learned as a science in its authentic, pristine, and purest form in-person, online, and via digital media.

Through the various aspects of Yoga, Shanthi's clients become free from depression and gain clarity in life. They are trained to feel whole and complete with themselves first in order to heal their relationship with their loved one. She is also a trained classical dancer, storyteller, interactive workshop presenter, and art and culture educator. She uses story creation and story narration through dance as a means of healing past hurts of her students.



Website: YogaForHappiness.com

Twitter:  @YogaToHappiness

Facebook: Facebook.com/YogaForHappinessAcademy

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/ShanthiYogaForHappiness


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