Posted on February 14th, 2010, by DrShaler
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OK, calm down! I’m not going to talk about workplace romance, meaningful glances, or stolen kisses in the copy room, although that’s likely a good topic for another day. Because today is Valentine’s Day, I think it’s the day to think beyond our significant other, or our families.

How are you spreading a little love around your workplace?

Yes, I know, with threats of harassment and all that, folks are reluctant to express themselves in the ways most used to. Those few folks with no boundaries–you know, the onces who create the definition of sexual harassment– put fear into workplace relationships and made everyone look over their shoulders more frequently. What a shame!

I think work is just an extension of life, just another location in which to express our values, vision, purpose and beliefs. Sure, we need to have and respect our own boundaries and those of others, but, are we letting fear hold us back from expressing love at work?

Not physical love, although a hug or two could sure help some of the workplaces in conflict that I visit! But, a loving attitude, an attitude that has some understanding and wiggle room for the paths of others. That’s not making excuses for the rudeness, brashness, meanness or superiority of others, but, at least understanding that nobody behaves that way if they honestly love themselves. They behave that way from fear.

I’m not suggesting that you approve of the behavior of others, nor condone it. But, being a little more loving at work can go a long way to creating a collaborative environment that you want to go to every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
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