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Tag Archives: relationshsip problems

Relationship Help: I say “Potatoes” & S/he says “Petahtuhs!”

Do you think you might need relationship help because your partner sometimes seems like  an alien? Does it seem that the person with whom you are trying to communicate is from a different planet, or speaks an entirely foreign language to you? Well, I don’t know about the planet part, the language difference can be…

Relationship Problems: Make This the Holiday Season You Want it to Be!

Relationship problems and the holidays? It happens. Oh, we so hope everyone will be different when we visit them this holiday season…especially the difficult, fearful and judgmental ones! In fits of wishful thinking, we hope that any growth we have achieved during the past year will have, by osmosis, been passed along to them.  They…

Relationship Help: Rage. You don’t have to live with it.

Rage! That’s different from simple anger. It is another class of upheaval.  Rage is defined as “violent and uncontrolled anger.”  A whole other class.  And, no one needs to live with it, neither the Rager nor the recipient. The operant difference between anger and rage is the violence and the lack of control.  We all…


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