Relationship Help: New EBook for you on Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior & People

An Ebook with vital information for dealing with passive-aggressive people


It’s ready for you.

My new ebook, STOP! That’s Crazy-Making! will help you to recognize, respond to, and recover from the passive-aggressive behavior of the folks in your life at home and at work.

We are often confounded by the behavior of others. One of those confounding behaviors in passive-aggressive behavior. Many of my blog readers have asked for advice on dealing with passive-aggression. This new ebook offers you the relationship help–insights, strategies & solutions–to deal with passive-aggressive behavior and passive-aggressive people. (Yes, Virginia, they exist!)

It contains vital information for helping you to set boundaries that support you to do more than survive in these crazy-making settings.

It offers skills and strategies for making decisions.

It helps you understand why another person’s behavior causes you to question yourself and your sanity…and what to do to change that!

If you think that you are in relationship with someone, at home or at work, whose behavior  is crazy-making, you will create great value from the insights in this ebook.

Download STOP! It’s Crazy-Making!  now by CLICKING HERE.

This ebook can save your sanity and your relationship.


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