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Things always your fault? It's crazy-making.

Always Your Fault? Always Wrong? You May Be With A Hijackal.

Is everything–somehow–always your fault? Do you so much want to believe your partner loves you, yet, you are so frequently being hurt? Do you justify your partner’s behavior with “S/he is just having a bad day, a bad time, under stress” too often? People who cannot allow themselves to think for one minute that something…

Repeating The Same Fight? It’s Not About What You Think It’s About!

Most couples have “that” fight, over and over. It’s the one thing that never gets resolved. The one thing that doesn’t change. One, or both of you, think it should. But nothing changes. Are you repeating the same fight? Know this for sure: the fight is not about what you think it is about!  And,…

Relationship Help: New EBook for you on Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior & People

  It’s ready for you. My new ebook, STOP! That’s Crazy-Making! will help you to recognize, respond to, and recover from the passive-aggressive behavior of the folks in your life at home and at work. We are often confounded by the behavior of others. One of those confounding behaviors in passive-aggressive behavior. Many of my…

Answers To Common Relationship Questions

Hi, I’m Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor. I’m here to offer answers to your relationship questions.  When life and love feel crazy-making, you need insights, skills, strategies….and answers. Those, I offer.  I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get unstuck and clearer on their best next steps for more than twenty-five years. Read More > >


Resolve Relationship Problems Well Personal • Family • Professional • Team • Organizational MEDIATION If you are experiencing interpersonal difficulties that are endangering: your relationship your team your partnership your family your business your organization Mediation is the ideal solution for resolving relationship problems: communication, conflict, parenting, support, separation, divorce, co-parenting. Working with a professional Read More > >