How to Deal With Passive Aggressive People

learn how to deal with passive aggressive people

If you have a person in your life who confuses you regularly with their consistently inconsistent behavior, you may be in relationship with a passive-aggressive person. That can be crazy-making. This post will help you respond in healthy ways…and help you keep your sanity!

Are Your Boundaries Secure, Or Too Porous To Keep You Safe?


Are your boundaries secure or about as porous as a flow-through tea bag?  Boundaries. You know you need them to define yourself. You know you need them to draw a line in the sand with a #Hijackal, or any person wanting to roll on over you. You know they can keep you safe. You may […]

Stop Second-Guessing Yourself! 30 Underhanded, Undermining, Passive-Aggressive Tactics Narcissists Us To Confuse

Passive-aggressive behaviors are crazy-making! You first wonder if it’s you, or your fault. Today, I give you clear examples of what people actually SAY and why it’s passive-aggressive. Wonder no more! HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE: What is passive-aggressive behavior? What does it sound like? 30 crazy-making things passive-aggressive people say to make you second-guess yourself […]

5 Telling Things People Say That Show Their Passive-Aggressive Sides

If these are happening too often, you’re dealing with crazy-making passive-aggression. Don’t miss them! When you experience passive-aggressive behavior from someone, it messes with your head. You question yourself. You second-guess yourself. It’s crazy-making. A passive-aggressive behavior pattern in someone leaves you feeling confused, second-guessing yourself, and questioning your sanity. “Did I? Didn’t I? I […]

12 Things Passive-Aggressive People ALWAYS Do, But Don’t Often Realize

You could be pushing away the most important people in your life. You want to be seen, know, loved, and valued. Of course, you do. Yet, you may be afraid to really enter into relationships. One way people think protects them from intimacy is to adopt passive-aggressive behaviors. You push people away with passive-aggressive behaviors, right […]

5 Ways to Recognize Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Passive-aggressive behavior is frustrating, infuriating, and frankly…unfair! And, it’s sneaky! In fact, so sneaky that you’re often caught up in thinking that it actually makes some sense…at first, or for a while. Then, it dawns on you: Something’s not right with this but I can’t quite put my finger on it. So, in this recording, […]

What to Say When a Hijackal Says You’re Being Overly Sensitive

Oh, that’s crazy-making, right? You try to talk about your feelings and you get shut down? In today’s episode, I give you insights into this whole nasty process of being blamed for being overly sensitive when you’re actually speaking up for yourself when attacked. You know what I’m talking about. IT HURTS! Are you told that you’re […]

What Good Is There In Receiving Criticism From Someone You Hardly Know?

receiving criticism

Have you ever experienced receiving criticism from someone you hardly knew–and, who hardly knew you?  It’s a strange situation, isn’t it? I think so. I wonder if they think it is a way to build intimacy in a relationship that is barely past the acquaintance stage? Or, is it an attempt to demonstrate their vast awareness […]

Passive-Aggressive Behavior: Why Do You Tolerate It?

passive-aggressive behavior

Passive-aggressive behavior is crazy-making. You know–especially if you’ve been reading this blog for a while–that to end passive-aggressive behavior you need to have strong boundaries. So why do you continue to tolerate passive-aggressive behavior? It takes two to be passive-aggressive you know. A person cannot play that game alone!  So, why do you play?  Do […]

Anger & Aggression Ruin Relationships. Think About This.

Hijackals never stop finding fault and demanding control and power

When there is anger and aggression, do the wise thing: look inward first. Why start with you? Because you can’t change others! Be wise. Start with yourself. Anger and aggression? Other people can be crazy-making. No doubt! And, they can be scary: demeaning, belittling, demanding, threatening. All those things are aggressive. And, you so want […]