Hijackals® = Masters of Bait & Switch

Promises! Proclamations! Pronouncements of just what you want to hear. Does it happen as promised? No! See tactics for what they are: ways to get you stay, or get you onside, or get around you. SO important to recognize the bait & switch as it’s happening. This episode helps you do just that!

Hijackals use “Bait & Switch” tactics to get you to stay, to get off their backs, to get you onside with them, and to keep you fooled. Oh, NO! That can’t go on any longer. See the tactics clearly for what they are, not for what you hope they might possibly be. The Hijackal is counting on you believing them, and believing in them. NO! They are not trustworthy and this episode will help you see even more reasons not to trust them.


  • Tactics Hijackals use to keep you hooked…and believing them
  • What “bait & switch” looks like in Hijackal relationships
  • 5 “Bait & Switch” moves most narcissistic people use to manipulate you
  • Why you need to see these tactics and refuse to believe them again

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