Co-Parenting With a Narcissist Without Losing Your Mind

Here’s one from the vault:

Co-parenting with a Hijackal can be sad, nasty, infuriating, and definitely frustrating. Keep these 15 things in mind to save your sanity.

You’ve divorced a #narcissist, a #Hijackal®. That was difficult, no doubt.

Now, you’re settling in–or trying to settle in–to some kind of reasonable co-parenting model. That’s tough, too.

I know, I’ve done it.


  • 5 Ideals of Co-parenting
  • 10 Realities of Co-parenting with a narcissistic #Hijackal
  • How to keep your head above water while saving your sanity when co-parenting
  • Why and How to be the most sane parent in the narcissist mix

It’s not easy to co-parent with a #narcissist.

It’s not what you expected to have to do.

You’re still resentful about the relationship, and devastated by the divorce.

BIG RULE: Never make your children feel like pawns, messengers, or casualties of your divorce.

Yes, that’s tough, too, but it is SO important.

In a perfect world, after divorce, your children would only know that life is more peaceful with two homes, and that they miss the parent they are not with. That’s it. That’s how it should go.

When you have divorced a narcissist, that’s not the way it goes, right?

In this episode, I’m giving you the 5 IDEALS for conscious co-parenting

AND, the 10 REALITIES of co-parenting with a narcissist, co-parenting with a Hijackal.

I promised in the episode to give you the five positive affirmations to keep in mind here in writing.

  1. I am the model I want my children to follow. Therefore, everything I do and say demonstrates who I want my children to strive towards becoming.
  2. I communicate with my ex in the way I wish for him/her to communicate with me. I choose collaboration and conversation, over conflict and acrimony.
  3. I focus on my children and what keeps them healthy–physically, mentally, and emotionally. That includes doing what is in their best interests first.
  4. I turn my attention from what I don’t like about my ex to what s/he does well for the children. It’s about the kid, not what my personal issues are with my ex.
  5. I allow my children to enjoy their childhood and ensure they’re only concerned with age-appropriate thoughts, feelings, and actions. I protect them from being pawns, messengers, and casualties of my divorce.

I clarify the realities of co-parenting with toxic people, and give you ten insights that will help you save your santiy.

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