"If it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people.
It is easier to protect yourself with slippers than to carpet the whole earth."

~ Anthony de Mello

There is such wisdom there for me. That is why it is the key quotation on my website at Sow Peace™ : it is simply the most impactful quote that has walked with me through the years and inspired Sow Peace™ International. We need the resources, the skills, the resolutions and solutions to improve our relationships within, at home and at work. That's what it means to "protect yourself with slippers": take care of your own inner peace and learn to maintain it at all times, within, at home and at work. It became my mission these past twenty years, as a speaker, author and counselor: to help people develop the refined communication and conflict management skills they need to be totally honest and totally kind at the same time, and create relationships that work.

At this time of year, when we may be journeying to that place we call home, we can take our inner peace with us...if we have it. And, this is an ideal time to find that center of peace within ourselves. It is there, just waiting for us to matter enough to ourselves to find it.

It is so easy to be caught up in the rapidly forward-moving pace of life. Like you, I get daily emails telling how I can make more money in less time with little effort. Or, they tell me that I could make gazillions if I would only give them a half a gazillion to show me how.

Yes, money is lovely to have. It allows us to give more to ourselves, our families and all the people and organizations we would like to help. But, gazillions of dollars are not central to living. There are millions of people without them who love fully and share generously of what they do have. When I was traveling in India and Thailand, I met many of them, filled with joy and peace. Even in a leper colony, that was the case.

Finding peace within requires taking the time to stop and listen. When we wrote Soul Solitude: Taking Time for Our Souls to Catch Up, we gave all the insights we could to help you release yourself from living from the expectations of others and our society's addiction to drama in order to sit in soul solitude and listen. Would you give yourself that time for two or three minutes two or three times a day?

Slowly, as you give yourself that precious quiet time, you will find the center of peace within yourself. And, then, you will have it to share, to radiate, to be. We cannot be peace for others, but, we can certainly be it ourselves. Fortunately, it's contagious. And, take it home with you. They likely could use some there, too!


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