This morning as I was doing my usual reading of Joel Goldsmith, I was struck by this thought:

"Is any problem we have with expanding ourselves, realizing true greatness, the result of elephant training?"

You likely know that when elephants are captured, they are trained to understand their limitations. The captors put iron bands around two of their legs and attach them to a twelve foot chain. They leave the elephants like this for a very long time. The elephants learn that they can go twelve feet and stop. That's just the way it is in their new world. Then, the trainers take off the iron bands and can tie a loose rope around one of the elephant's legs and the elephant will still go no further than twelve feet. Some of the elephants are not even tethered and they remain that close.

So, I thought about ways I might have been "tethered" in my life and whether or not I still stayed limited.

  • Am I hampered by invisible iron bands placed on me by my parents, my upbringing with all its influences and by my past experiences? I think I've looked at them all and pried as many off as possible, but, at tense times, I may be "at the end of my tether."
  • Am I choose to keep on walking? I hope so.
  • Am I arguing for my limitations as Richard Bach wrote?
  • Are there metaphorical iron bands that are keeping me from my ability to choose to sow peace within, at home or at work?

I'll be thinking about what I have in common with these elephants for the next days, for sure. I know that my having this thought this morning will help me help my clients work through their tethers, traps and obstacles, too. Just thought I'd share it with you in case you'd like to go beyond the end of your tether with me.

Sow Peace™ in every moment, in every relationship,


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