3 MUST-HAVES For Relationships Between Adults To Be Healthy

healthy relationship

Relationships cannot be healthy without these three foundational pieces, and it certainly won’t be happy. Whether it’s a relationship with a partner, parent, sibling, or adult child, measure it against these. If it doesn’t measure up, fix it or end it! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: The three essentials to having a healthy relationship with another […]

Dating? How to Spot Men Who’ll Only Waste Your Time GUEST Ronnie Ann Ryan

OK, this episode is for women, but guys, you’d do well to hear this, too! Dating takes guts. You need to spot the red flags, even though, you’re only wanting to see red roses! DON’T MISS THIS, or you could be wasting your time…and heart! Are you dating? Have you kissed more than your fair […]

Relieving the Mess of Chronic Stress in Toxic Relationships GUEST: Dr. Ganz Ferrance

chronic stress

How and Why You Need to Clear Your Head When Chronic Stress and Anxiety Cloud Your Thinking. Chronic stress can lead to chronic illness. Don’t let that happen to you. Listen today! In today’s episode, DR. RHOBERTA SHALER talks about ‘Clearing Your Head When Chronic Stress and Anxiety Have Clouded Your Thinking.’ HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: What […]

How to Stop Letting Someone Lie To You – Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

You know they’re lying. Listen to this episode for real reasons you don’t want to believe it or confront it, and what needs to change! You’ll feel better. Promise! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: What deception really is Usual reasons for not confronting the lies narcissists tell What stops you from stepping up to the truth […]

6 Better Ways to Communicate Than the Dreaded Silent Treatment

Don’t you hate the silent treatment? Don’t think that giving the silent treatment will teach someone how it feels when they do it. . . Use these communication skills instead, now! Listen in to this episode of Save Your Sanity, recorded December 2018, to learn valuable ways to avoid the silent treatment, and deal with […]

How to Speak Up Powerfully When You Want Things to Change GUEST: Tina Dietz

What stops you from speaking up? In this episode, Dr. Shaler shares compelling ideas about how you can be keeping yourself from having the life and relationships you most want. What’s getting in your way? What’s stopping you? Do you know? Stop and think about it…seriously. How are you with reasons, rationalizations, justifications, and plain ol’ excuses? […]

How To Make Lemonade From Lemons a Hijackal Left Behind

Been with a relentlessly difficult person? The ones I call #Hijackals? You know then that they left lemons behind: bitter, twisted stories and nasty, demeaning comments, “toxic waste” that needs to be eliminated. This show will help! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: The great healing benefits of listening to podcasts Tips for recovering from a toxic relationship Dating […]

Real Grown-Ups Don’t Fight Because They Know These Three Things

Fighting is what kids do because they have no skills and brains under construction! They don’t know better. Some adults don’t seem to know better, either. Hijackals definitely don’t, right? Today’s episode will help you, not them. That’s a good thing! Emotional grown-ups don’t fight. Kids and needy adults fight. You don’t want to be […]

Relationship Help: Is That Communication? Really?

Communication is a two-way street. Unfortunately, it often seems to have detours and dead ends! So, here’s a little relationship help in the communication department that can really make a difference. As George Bernard Shaw says, “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.”  Now, he said a mouthful right there. So many […]